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How To Become An Affiliate Marketing Success in 2020(for Newbies)

by Daryl
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Are you wondering how you can become an Affiliate Marketing Success in 2020?

The internet grows by leaps and bounds every year with no signs of slowing down. This growth gives regular people of all ages an opportunity to become a financial success online, even without any business background or skills.

How are so many people without any previous experience running a business online doing it?

If you search for “how to make money online” you will find many sites and offers for products that claim it’s so easy you will have thousands of dollars by the end of the week.

These claims are hyped up! Yes, it is possible to make the money as claimed. If you are new and have no experience it will most definitely take you longer than a week.

Some try and try but never even make a dime no matter what they do. This is because they bounce from method to method without committing to one and mastering it first before trying something else.

With so much information comes confusion and overwhelm. New marketers are drawn towards the easy button and shiny objects that promise riches with little to no work.

It’s so easy to fall into this trap!

Without a guide to show the path, you can end up wondering around the internet marketing landscape aimlessly. Unknowingly, you start following paths that lead to a dead end instead of where you really wanted to go.

If you are truly serious about working online, read on and find out what it takes to truly fast track your internet business and become a success with affiliate marketing.

Ways To Get Started And Become Successful With Affiliate Marketing

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There are many ways to carve out your piece of the internet pie.  Some are easier for beginners than others.

Here are a couple easy ways a Newbie can get started with affiliate marketing.

No matter what method you choose the most important thing that will decide your success is Taking Action!

CPA Marketing Success

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost per Action.

CPA Programs pay you when people complete an action. These actions could be downloading an app, filling out a form providing information such as email, phone number, zip code or calling a phone number looking for a service like plumbers, roofers, insurance, mortgage, etc. Offervault and Maxbounty are leaders for CPA offers.

CPA marketing is the hardest to become successful at until you gain a good understanding of the process. Once it’s learned however, it is an easily scaled and profitable income source!

CPA marketing requires knowing how to do keyword research, find profitable offers, create and budget ads and then monitor and test variations of the ads for the best conversion rates (which ones are making you money).

The ads are placed in Google, Bing and the biggest marketplace, Facebook. Each have differences but basically work the same way.

Using CPA Marketing in your business can boost your earnings for little work. You are not trying to sell anything, only asking for a simple action from the visitor.

Free offers are an easy way to get people to do a simple action so you can get paid.

Training For CPA Marketing Success

The fastest way to become successful with CPA marketing is to learn by purchasing a training course and seeking help through a coach or mentor.

There are paid CPA campaign managers who will do the keyword research, write ad copy, test and monitor your campaigns for you. The manager will guide you through the process so that you are successful (profitable).

Fast action takers would choose this almost completely “done for you” service option while you are getting educated in the chosen ad platform. These managers can be found for very reasonable prices through Fiverr.

Good CPA Marketing training should teach you how to choose a winning product, become an affiliate, create and use ads, budgeting and scaling, testing, tracking and keyword research.

The page building skills that you will also learn are used everyday in internet marketing.

Of course, running ads with CPA marketing is going to cost you money.

Yes, it costs money, around $5/day, to run ads for CPA marketing. This is the reasoning behind becoming familiar with the process and getting trained.

Spend your money wisely, make great ads that convert and get a healthy ROI (return on investment). 

Here are a couple of good courses I want you to see. These courses teach what you need to know to be successful with CPA Marketing in a detailed but Newbie friendly way!

Two different courses with two totally different methods getting awesome results with CPA Marketing!

There is even coaching available in these courses for those want help or want to fast track their Success.

I recommend EZ Passive Paydays and CPA Pirate. Have a look at them as they also come with some Great Bonuses.

Success With CPA Marketing Conclusion

CPA marketing may be difficult when first starting because the CPA programs require approval to become an affiliate. Approval may be hard to get without having experience in driving traffic and a good sales record. It depends on the offer and network used.

With a little training and practice running ads, newbies can quickly and easily start having success with CPA and be accepted into any affiliate programs they seek approval for.

A huge plus for CPA is it doesn’t require developing a persona online or with Social Media, which can be a huge obstacle to overcome for new marketers. Customers are clicking on an ad with CPA Marketing and doesn’t require any personal interaction with the customer by the ad placer.

However, future efforts should be made to get over the hangups concerning Social Media if you want to reach the status of a top earning affiliate in niches like the Internet Marketing or Make Money Online niches.

Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer on ClickBank

One of the biggest retailers online for both physical and digital products. This might be the easiest way to get started making money online and may hold the greatest chance of success for affiliate marketing newbies.

ClickBank will also train you on how to sell their products through ClickBank University.

This training is well worth it and increases your chances of success for not only selling ClickBank products but other affiliate offers in the future.

To become an affiliate requires only an account creation. Most affiliate marketers choose Clickbank when starting an affiliate marketing business because it’s easy to use and requires no Vendor approval in most cases.

Promotional tools like sales pages, banners, graphics and email swipes are provided for most products.

The ClickBank Marketplace has products in many niches, not only the internet marketing or the make money online niche.

The niches range from arts and entertainment, business and investing, health and fitness and everything in between for a total of 24 niches. In addition to digital products there are also physical products to sell.

Affiliate Marketing Mindset

There are ways to make money online without doing “techy” work like building a website but the truth is that if you really want to be successful you will need a website.

It’s at this point that some new marketers will change their mind about Internet Marketing and give up because they fear the technical parts of internet marketing like website creation, and believe that they can not do it.

They are wrong!

Of course they are hesitant about jumping into something new that they have no idea about or only a basic knowledge of! We are all at this point in the beginning but you need to overcome and conquer your hesitation and fear.

Building a WordPress website is fast and easy which doesn’t involve any coding or technical knowledge. Most hosting companies have a one-click WordPress install so there is no messing around with getting started.

WordPress is easy to learn and use which gives someone without any experience the ability to create a great looking and functional web property.

Your website will give you a place to introduce yourself to the world, build a following and post articles about whatever you want.

Look at this post about creating a WordPress blog to see just how easy it is!

Affiliate Marketing Success Vs. Fear Of Tech

Fear of tech and affiliate marketing success.

A person who is serious about becoming a successful affiliate marketer will not let the fear of Tech stop them!

How can you be an internet marketer without using the tools of the internet?

By tools I mean websites, landing pages, sales pages, optin forms and You Tube videos just to name some.

The reality is that you need a website and you need learn how to use a few “techy” tools to be able to scale your marketing to a successful, and life changing level.

A website is your piece of internet real estate that is representative of your brand and also an important tool used by the affiliate marketer. You will need a website to host your landing pages, sales pages and have content relevant to your chosen niche and targeted audience.

If you’re still unsure about successfully building a website, then outsource the task because not having a website is not an option!

How To Fast Track Over Affiliate Marketing Roadblocks

The easiest and fastest way for a new marketer to own a successful website is to have one designed, installed and setup for you.

Using outsourced talent for this important job will save you time and headaches, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Find a highly rated WordPress website creater on Fiverr to do the job for a very reasonable charge. The gigs can cost anywhere from $7.00 to $1000.00 and will save you a lot of time. Do your research and read the reviews.

Having a website professionally built gives you an advantage when competing for Google ranking with other affiliates. Your site and content will be planned out, keyword researched and SEO optimized to rank higher in the Google Search Engine.

Upon receiving the completed site, get to know WordPress by learning how to add posts, pages, videos and images so you can add to your site’s content.

If you feel that your writing skills are a little lacking, the content for your site can also be outsourced.

You can get an extra fast start and a steady supply of quality content for the near future. These articles are keyword researched, professionally written and SEO optimized for every niche and topic.

Once your site is set up, get to know, and experiment with, the theme options and widgets for your site. Theme options change the look and feel of your site. Widgets will give ad space, opt in forms or other visitor interactive tools (menus, archives, images, etc.).

Practice building web pages, landing pages, review and bonus pages. These are everyday tasks and with some practice, your pages will look professionally made. Page builder tools like Optimizepress 2.0, InstaBuilder 2.0, and Profit Builder eliminate the need for coding and makes creating your pages very simple.

Outsourced Newbie Affiliate Success

Outsourcing your website and content creation saves you time and ensures you get a functional and appealing website fast!

That is my first piece of advice to someone who wants to start internet marketing.

I wish someone had explained to me the value of having a website built and loaded with content when I first began marketing. That would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

Along with saving time, you end up with a great looking and functional site that people are likely to revisit in the future.

I’m not saying that you couldn’t make a nice looking and functional site. I’m saying if you are new to website design then it will take much longer than a professional takes.

Another positive for having your website built by a professional is it will be able to be ranked in search engines quicker. This means you could have visitors in a very short period of time. Not at some point a year or two after you tackle the job as a Newbie.

The time that you save when using outsourcing can be time spent learning other tasks that an internet marketer needs to be proficient at. Tasks like page building, copy writing and product creation.

Most Popular Method To Become A Top Earning Affiliate Marketer

If you choose the Make Money Online niche, then doing reviews and bonuses for new IM products when they are released (or launched) will be an important part of your business.

This is known as launch jacking.

Launch Jacking

This is a tactic used in conjunction with a new product launch. The affiliate uses the hype produced around the new product to get visitors to their promotions with search traffic.

Affiliates design and create review articles, bonus pages and review videos using the new products name as the keyword. Being a new product, the competition for that particular keyword is low. The key to this strategy is to be able to rank your website article and review video on Google and YouTube search engines.

This can be a challenge for new marketers because this is a popular tactic for seasoned marketers and there are particular steps to take in order to rank the review. The possibility exists that even if your review gets highly-ranked that people still may not buy from your link because they do not know you.

To get a fast start with launch jacking, every page required can be outsourced. The review article for your blog, bonus page and even a review video can be done for you by a freelancer until you are comfortable doing them.

These pages are not that hard to create with some practice. If you want to learn from one of the best Launch Jackers in affiliate marketing, Jono Armstrong, here is a course that I highly recommend, MOBILEE.

In Mobilee, Jono shows you how to run an affiliate marketing business using Launch Jacking methods. He shows exactly how he makes thousands per promotion, all from his mobile phone!

For the visitors of my blog, you can get MOBILEE for free here.

Only the main course is free while the highly recommended upsells will need to be purchased.

The upsells are not required for MOBILEE to work for you but they absolutely help, especially with the bonus creation.

Experienced marketers who already have a following will have the advantage with launch jacking. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a piece of the action now and grow your following one customer at a time.

The launch jacking techniques are not only limited to promoting make money online offers and the IM niche.

Any new product in all niches can be launch jacked in the same manner as an IM launch. In fact, by using this method in other niches, Newbies have found great success in affiliate marketing without having to compete in the crowded make money online niche.

Success With Affiliate Marketing Depends On You


How you can be an affiliate marketing success.Making the decision to improve your life by making money online can be the best decision you ever make. Your success will depend on how you approach your new business.

I can’t stress enough about not following the hype you often see about making money online. It is possible to make the income that top affiliates make but it will take a little time, effort and training. It doesn’t happen overnight like some claim it does.

The fastest way to success with affiliate marketing is to get a coach and follow their training. A coach knows exactly what important steps you need to take first to get a fast start and earn your first dollar online. The program they have developed are the tactics and methods they personally use in their business and have made them a success.

Some coaching programs actually guarantee your success and will continue the coaching and training until you reach a certain level of income. What more could you ask for?

Invest In Yourself To Become The Success You Want To Be

Quality coaching will require some investment on your part.

Not only the financial investment but investment in yourself. A willingness to learn and follow directions, determination and confidence are all qualities that will further your coaching experience and success.

It is much like building your first website as we talked about earlier. You can do it yourself and it might come out great, but how long will it take and will it actually attract visitors and attention.

By seeking professional help you skip the wasted time trying to figure it on your own.

Do you have the patience and determination to do it alone? Over 90% of people who try to make money online quit because it was taking too long, it was too hard to learn what they needed to do and were not having the success the hype had promised them.

People also give up because they spend thousands of dollars jumping from one shiny object to another looking for the “magic button” and never find it.

They never will, because it doesn’t exist.


What makes me qualified to talk about the fastest way to become a success with affiliate marketing?

I was one of those people desperate to make a change in my life. My career of 20+ years no longer had my interest and was taking a physical toll on my body (I was a Welder), I wanted more time for my family and interests and of course I wanted to make money.

I spent thousands of dollars on programs and products bouncing from one promising thing to another without really having much success.

Countless hours were wasted trying to learn marketing and computer skills and implement training on concepts I wasn’t quite sure of. Bottom line, I wasn’t getting any real results.

I was ready to give up!!

It wasn’t until I watched this webinar by Brendan Mace did I discover what I was doing wrong!

Brendan is what is known as a super affiliate. He has figured out the easiest way to consistently make money online with affiliate marketing and wants to help others do the same.

After watching I realized that if I wanted any real success, I needed a guide to find the way to the money. Someone to tell me which actions to take, what order to take them and which steps to avoid. I needed a Coach and Mentor.

If you are struggling with affiliate marketing or want to get started making money online, do yourself a favor and watch this webinar. Nowhere else will you find guidance with guarantees like this!

This is the fastest way to affiliate marketing success for newbies that you will find.

Stop wasting your money on those shiny objects and invest it in yourself, get a coach!


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