Does Octane work?

Does Octane Work?

by Daryl
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Does Octane Work?

A new cloud based app was recently released to the masses via Warrior Plus and the big question is, “Does Octane Work?”

Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and Victory Akpomedaye have built this app and claim anyone can now start using videos to cash in on YouTube in only a couple of clicks.

That’s a big claim to make without sounding too hypey.

Every marketer knows it takes time to create, edit and upload videos. Then there is ranking! Waiting to see if your videos rank high enough on Google and YouTube to get some views to your offer.

What if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera? The reason many people haven’t made videos in the past is because they either don’t like how they appear or sound in videos. It takes even more time to become comfortable making videos and selling to people.

Ok, it’s starting to sound hypey and now you’re wondering does Octane work even more. I’ll explain more.

How To Make Videos Without Making Videos?

Using Octane to make videos without making videos.

How can “anyone” profit from YouTube if they can’t make their own videos and how does Octane work if you don’t create any videos?

The answer is YouTube’s policies allows anyone to re-use videos that are classed as “creative commons”. The choice is then yours. Use someone else’s video (legally) with YouTube’s creative commons licence, or use your own mp4 videos.

Octane’s┬ásearch engine finds relevant creative common videos based on your keywords. You can then edit the video in Octane’s video editor adding elements like text, images, buttons and call to action slides.

The only real work you have to do is to create a thumbnail to upload with the video.

Another use for Octane is to download new or old mp4 videos into Octane. The video editor will reuse old videos and make them original again meaning, old content can be used multiple times to create original videos inside Octane.

The options of text, buttons and call to actions can all be applied to any downloaded video, new or old.

Is Octane Easy To Use?

I was really impressed with how easy it was to use. Just as the sales page said, in a few clicks I had a video ready to be uploaded to YouTube complete with over laid text that appeared at a timed location and a call to action button thrown in at the end. It took no more than 15 minutes.

I can’t give away the next step when using Octane because it is truly powerful! Only the people that buy Octane are privy to this information.

If you are still wondering how does Octane work, watch Jono’s demo here on the Octane Buyer’s Review page.

Does Octane Work For Everyone? – Final Thoughts

I remain impressed with Octane.

At least once a week there is a new video tool that claims to get viral traffic which makes oodles of cash in minutes! You should know by now that incredible claims usually means that it is, in(not) credible.

The sales page claims the Octane process takes 3 clicks. Close, as it takes a couple more than 3 clicks, but not many more.

Octane is THE tool for every marketer in any niche.

Octane does work for everyone!

Anyone with zero experience making videos can very quickly have loads of original content on their YouTube channels using the power of this cloud based app.

I Highly Recommend Octane to everyone!

It’s easy to use and certainly levels the playing field somewhat for people looking to enter the YouTube marketplace.

Affiliate marketers and any niche marketers will be able to create original videos.

When mixed with Octane’s secret weapon, videos become traffic getting sales machines.

Find out what bonuses await when you pick up Octane now.

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